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When you are sick, you go to the doctor who examines you to identify what is causing your ailment. After the doctor diagnoses what is wrong, he prescribes the best treatment to make you feel better. When technology is “sick”, it can be harmful to the whole facility including caregivers, patients, as well as the physical building.


All Systems has been doctoring life-safety systems in the healthcare industry since 1974. We offer a “wellness program” with the most comprehensive maintenance support program in the marketplace today. We will diagnose the problem and provide the treatment necessary for your system to be up and working again.

All Systems can incorporate the following components into your service agreement. We make each service solution customized and tailored to each of our clients in the Healthcare Industry. Request a “health check-up” today for your healthcare technology system.

All Systems’ Wellness Program

Firmware Upgrade

All Systems’ support program ensures that parts needed to keep the system running are current. All Systems’ plan ensures not only that the system in working order, but that each part will work as new firmware and software is introduced.

Rauland-Borg Certification

Rauland-Borg offers multiple classes for end users to become trained on the functionality and components of their nurse call system. By taking this class, this will certify an end user on site to take the proper classes and become a certified technician on the installed system.

Routine Check-up

Our Customer Support Manager will come and meet with the customer to ensure a proper working relationship. These meetings focus on feedback, questions and concerns from the customer.

Personal Trainer Workout

Training on the certain systems will be provided by a certified trainer at the discretion of the customer’s schedule. The trainings can be held on location, as well as via Webex or over the phone. Read more about All Systems’ training program.

Ask a Nurse

Technician Phone Support can be utilized by the customer at any given time, and for any covered system.


A crash kit is a supplemental supply of hardware for the customer to use whenever needed.

Heart Check-up

To ensure proper operation, frequent tests of the batteries that supply power for the life-safety system is recommended. By testing each battery in the facility, All Systems can ensure the functionality of each battery unit. This will also show that each battery backup unit is properly holding the charge for the system in the case of a power outage.

Annual Physical

All Systems will test and inspect the specified system. We will implement a bar code test and documentation system that will help streamline all testing at your facility. Read more about this system called Building Reports and how it can offer superior reporting, smart compliance and trusted inspections for your hospital.

Urgent Care

Should an emergency arise, All Systems personnel will assess the situation by phone and will determine the required course of action with the customer. If it is determined that a site visit is required, All Systems personnel will arrive at the affected premises at the time listed under the specific emergency service level. Click here to learn about our on-site response time levels.

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