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Building Reports

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When a critical event happens, technology must do its job. Proper testing and documentation of your system can be the difference between a pass or fail from the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). When an emergency happens in your building, lives can be in serious danger and something and an incident can occur. Are you prepared, or will it be too late for precautionary steps?

All Systems has teamed up with Building Reports, an innovative web-based solution that guarantees timely device inspection and maintenance that is fully documented in accordance of regulatory standards. This electronic fire and life-safety inspection solution can give your business the opportunity to increase department’s productivity, and increase the quality and consistency of inspections while saving money and reducing risk by managing critical inspection data with detailed online reports.

Building Reports allows for the importing of most databases directly into their database to insure that every item in the software will be tested and documented. This system will supersede any requirements that the state is looking for.

Fire Scan      Extinguisher Scan      Sprinkler Scan      Security Scan

Building Reports provides accurate, verifiable results YOU CAN TRUST. Allow All Systems to be your trusted partner and be guaranteed:
Superior Reporting
Smart Compliance
Trusted Inspections

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